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Bay Fencing

California Lawn Service

Estate Lawn Care

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Bay Area Lawns

Long Island Lawn

Twin Cities Lawn

Coast Siding

Gulf Coast Tile

Stump Mover

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About Fence Building

Before attempting to build a fence, do some research to learn about the various styles. There are as many styles of fence as there are house styles. A style is determined by the space available, the height of the fence and the style that best suits the home.

Rail and post fences are not built the same manner as an average wood privacy fence or even an aluminum privacy fence. The variety of possible fence building ideas is as many as the types of available fences. No matter what style you want, the general rules of good fence construction apply to each type. Privacy fences should be built at least six feet high, they should be securely fastened to the ground, the fence should be mounted and anchored well, the fence should be made from durable materials such as wood or heavy duty plastic and could be surrounded by a fence pad or top wire. Fences can be painted white or left natural to blend in with the landscape, and they might be surrounded by plants and landscaping to provide added color.

As you research fence building ideas you will find that you can start a fence-building project almost anywhere. For example, if you have a huge piece of property that you would like to fence off, you could begin a project anywhere between the property line and the tree line. Once you know what shape you want, you can begin to study designs to fit your purpuse. One thing to remember is that any fence-building project should include plenty of preparation.

One of the most popular materials for fence building is wood. If you choose cedar, you can begin by finding some pre-made fence posts. Cedar fence posts are usually pre-drilled and ready to install, but you will need to prepare the ground properly before you begin.

Before you can begin installing the fence posts you will need to make sure the ground is nice and level. After you have finished raking and leveling the ground, you can begin putting in the cedar fence posts. Cedar fence posts are usually ready to put in, but you will need to prepare the ground properly before you begin. To prepare the ground for cedar posts, you will need to make sure it is free of leaves and debris.

You will want to make sure that when you put up the fence boards that they are level. Laying the posts too low will result in the fence being too short to be effective, and laying them too high will just as bad. Once the posts are in and the cement supports are dry, you can start putting up the boards and sections.

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